Century Fuji Moveable Reelseat

  • Product Code 4490
  • Manufacturer Century

Custom machined Fuji moveable reel seat. Designed to lock up solidly when the screw winch hood is tightened onto the reel foot.

This size assumes that you still have the Century factory fitted shrink as fitted from new:

Size 22mm  - TT LD, TT UL, Graphex SM LD, Graphex, ULST
Size 24mm  - TT L, TTM, C3LD, Excalibur J, Eliminator T800, Graphex Sport, Graphex Supermatch, Graphex Match
Size 26mm  - TTS, TTSM, CM, CME, Excalibur C,
Size 27mm  - Kompressor S and SS, Eliminator T700, T900, T1000, T1200

EVA end sections are included but you MUST SPECIFY ROD MODEL so we can ensure the correct fit (i.e. Excalibur J) and you MUST SPECIFY SERIAL NUMBER (3 or 4 character code found on the butt and tip section). Failure to do this will delay your order.